Click-to-use Emotes

With click-to-use emotes, it makes it super simple to use your favorite Twitch emotes (and some you didn't know about!).

Popular Emotes

Every time you use an emote, we keep track of how many times you used it which helps you not have to dig through and find your favorite emote.

Subscription Emotes

Do you subscribe to a load of people? Don't worry, we automatically grab your subscriber emotes and group them up for you.

Install instructions

  1. Install a userscript addon for your browser.
  2. Click the install button below.
  3. Follow the instructions in the install window that pops up.

Once installed, refresh the Twitch chat page and you should see a new emote button next to your chat box. Click that button to pop up the emote menu. Remember: Kappa responsibly.



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